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About Us

While in Gilbert, Arizona building the Echo-Star Uplink site, I caught the vision of the Creation Brainstorm Magazine. I started my interviews there and my first was KnotRadio, one of the first Internet radio stations located near the campus of the University of Arizona in Tempe. I caught the bug and interviewing and meeting new and interesting people and coaching them with their dreams became a passion. This passion has led me to New York City and a whole new adventure of putting this together as a TV Show, a DVD series on invention and an Internet show. We have since expanded to New Jersey, Arizona Florida. We are preparing to produce a Disaster

Recovery and Prevention Show out of Texas.

world projects and shows that break away from the norm and redundant how that will take us over the top and make us better than we ever have been!

These are incredibly appointed times to do things that have never been done before and make things happen that the old ones have only moaned about and said it will never happen. Proof of which sits on the Homepage of this web-site!

I joined the Navy in 1969 and flew Search and Rescue missions, was crew chief in the magazine area, and plane captain on every plane the Navy had by the time I was nineteen. I have been flying ever since by the Grace of our God! It shows that when those who have given a chance to learn they can soar! The series on Innovation and Invention is designed specifically for that purpose! Those who participate are soaring and it makes my heart glad!

We have a lot of information for you that will set fire to your pants and get you going in the right direction like a pair skates. We are helping people with passion who are not afraid to work for what they want.

We are the coach and instructors and you are the player on the field. We have finished taping the DVD training series on Creation Brainstorming, Invention, Manufacturing and Marketing. which you will find here and an eventual TV show that will inspire and instruct you in your entrepreneurial business and invention ideas. We have five years of material waiting to be released in exciting and motivating shows and DVD's. Our material is expanding daily in an unbelievable direction and process. One hundred twenty plus inventions of my own and projects that will confound the critics such as our recent mining, first show helping others along the way increasing our chops in development finality of a project. Showing you the way to come up with solutions to challenges and be a major producer in your career. Check our projects page for new projects in the making.

For any ave feel free email me at

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