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The very breakthrough we needed.....
came through at my buddies pool after food prepared by two culinary artists. Jeff , a solutions man spurted out , "Why did I not think of this earlier." That started a conversation of what we could do to build the most powerful dishes of all. This dish propels our system and completes the total of all probabilities, unsolved. We are now ready to apply for a patent to cover the whole system dish and all. It is such a huge discovery. I was involved in building the infrastructure of Echo Star and I know satellite stations. At the time it was becoming operable for a thousand channels , I heard an engineer state that it was the largest in the world. You learned some things beyond another's discoveries.  This is how it works. Some of you who think you have an idea you must start working on it on paper and description of its total operation, whatever it is. Do this and we or anyone else can help you build one of the most new and impressive thing ever made. Go do it! 

Is this not a new Millennium?
Well why are we digressing, rather than moving ahead? Where is the new renaissance of discoveries, and why can some of us determine them and others not? 
We are living off of archaic systems of Industry and no wonder that we are riding on the brink of total collapse. We were taught the idea of thinking outside the box but do we really know what that means? First of all we have to establish what the box actually is. It means to be enclosed, the quantity held by a...or a small compartment. It represents being restrained, enclosed or the quantity of knowledge being held in a compartment. (Merriam Webster, 2007)

We have once again become boxed in by the old school ways not of morals but of established means of developing Business, Industry and lifestyle. This type of house, this type of building, this style of dealing with what is wrong. Not putting it down as addicts of an old way so we will live ourselves to death as the track we now find ourselves on. A death track in which we are going to run ourselves down. It is time to jump from the train to safety.
It is up to some of us to take hold and break this cycle. We are leaders who do so. We are doing so at TCBSM. The logo "TCBSM," stands for the magazine I started upon completion of the worlds' largest satellite station in Gilbert, Az., "ECHO-STAR. It stands for "The Creation Brainstorm Magazine," an eclectic periodical of creativity, invention, innovation and cultural perception. We are carrying it further and producing the proof that these things can take place and we will not fall off the end of the world if we do instigate them! Change for the- better of all mankind!

 Now is the time to pull back the curtain and everyone will see what we have been working on for the past five years. Knowing the times and the seasons is pertinant. If you read certain tech periodicals this morning you would see that Comcast is buying AT&T at 153.00 per share. I also have an announcement to make tonight, just as exciting.
Well, tonight has turned into day. I had to make a trip out west for a week and when I returned had to finish development of a new project which came out of an existing project. I know you have been itching to see what it is we have been mapping before your eyes without revealing what we have until it is released. What three projects do the three pictures above represent. Mining, Aero-space and Aquatic of course. My son and partner suggested I not reveal anything that others might all of a sudden start working on similar things. One would only hope. This world is so caught up in the old they cannot see the billions of oportunities right before their eyes.
We are not promoting anything but change in a well thought out positive direction with mining, aeropspace and aquatics. We have; are you listening to what you are reading, developed four huge never before done projects, which brought about new developments. Necessity and need are the Mother of Invention. So we have innovated and created a new piece of equipment that quadruples mining production and two more on the drawing board. They are less intrusive, EPA efficient and one fifth as costly as the norm and greatly more intrusive to the environment.
The middle picture represents the sky, which now can be a field of attack from what we cannot see. Doppler radar has been a great friend but is old technology. Technology is old, it means a technique for giving a greater number of people a means of performing a proven path of utilizing combined discoveries in a projected and established manner of integration and proceedure. We have a brand new radar discovery that is able to see anything in the sky, anywhere. That is all I can say. He that is able to control his spirit is greater than he that can take a whole city. The great power that comes from patience has to be underpined with goodwill and a means of knowing the heart and mind of God even when you don't see it. It is just the better way to live because freedom is a narrow hard road and it is life to those who lose it to find it.
The last picture represents Aquatics. Work on the sea is a lust for adventure and no other boring way of life can suffice. The danger to life is great but thrill of doing what others cannot do and want do is moral freedom as long as morals are a natural way of life. Free you are! We have developed an Aquatic Machine that is sport worthy and work worthy even survival capable that has integrated with the mining adventure to create one of the two tother devices, which are on the drawing board. 
A third and to be contained in our long awaited show full of draman and adventure within the cities of America as well as the field even the desert. Gaming Outdoors for the new mellinium has grabbed all involved in the development of it, INSTANTLY! We are making posts of the incredible journey now as a story and a show beyond reality, entertaining knowledge that will propel you in the coming months and years. This show will be internationally run. We are first going to start some of the preliminary stories and trailers all through the web-site which should be four websites. I felt that focus on development of our way out of the box but completely relavent pioneering of new melinial changes would bring the most benefit of success and I was right for once.
Richard R. Langley

   When you are in pursuit of a purpose laden dream, your journey is what prepares you for your destination. The Question is, what is your destination? We are now in the planning stages of building a studio and r&d labs where we can create new industries, not just products. Then a lot more people would be able to get in on the ground floor. We are escalating growth by prayer and energetic work. Together our synergy is like a cat 5 hurricane. Industry One is in final development for the first six shows which are being taped now. This new Industry will blow your minds. If you are interested in being one of our team, send your resume to This first series of shows is going to blow your mind. We have planned for six for the first Industry we are introducing and being assembled as we write here. Proper amount of response could carry the first six shows further. We are discovering such a wealth of information excellance. If you would like to be on our newsletter list email us at
   Look where we are now folks! Just look where we are now! I was told there would be changes this month and now we get to pull back the curtains this week and start revealing everything one by one! Discovery Channel on steroids we have become after much hard work and a long hard journey it is all coming together as one of the largest production companies to come forth in a long time! We are having a blast of a time! Fed by a fountain of life!
   Johnny Rivers sang in a song "The only thing permanent is change. So it is evident, prepare for it!
   The CHANGE that needs to happen that has not happened as of yet is a very obvious one. We have every form of communication ever known to man. What are we communicating? Negative energy, whether real or not realized. Fear and dread of tomorrow are fear based and have put the world to their knees and why? Sponsorship and popularity require truth to be blandized and unpopular facts that bring real change by the desire they create have been watered down below sense level. We have to get outside and away from fantasy and act. Do something not popular that you have wanted to do for a long time.
   Sorry I have not written a new entry here in a while. We have been super busy with building all the faucets of our production and consulting company. However, I cannot remiss from making a statement at this point in the game.
   All of the Kings horses and all of the Kings men sure are trying to put this thing back together that they broke. It has been coming for a long time. Realist analysts have been predicting it and the Don (Donald Trump) even said it is economic cleansing. Our founding fathers knew it was inevitable and designed our constitution and law structure in such a way that a Dictator could not take over because it's checks and balances that are sometimes not realized but ingeniously written in the foundation would insure their demise and lack of success. The economy designed in such a way that it would right itself before total destruction as in other countries. CHANGE! Well change has been always been brought about by the people for the people! There are changes going on right now and you better get on board before you miss out on the greatest opportunities in a lifetime! Take our course and you will have more than you can ever possibly do! Become a part of the CHANGE! 02/15/2012
  Change can be as simple as to solve a problem A that is affected by B and controlled by C. So (A + B)C=results. So the smaller B becomes, the smaller number C the controller will produce. B is overhead, expenses, unexpected expense or loss! Anything with a negative sign or a plus sign! Decrease or increase of B to affect A profit! The lower you keep B the less C has over A, profit. Also the greater C is in the plus realm such as government subsidies, or less cost of keeping government standards or tax break! Now C is in the negative realm and B is dangerous because it fluctuates! Decrease B instead of working on A and wearing all of your resources thin. As you get B under control both B and C are less effective on A as you increase it! Simple stuff included in our courses! Hello! Results are greater always than just profit! Prove me wrong...dare ya! 05/02/2012
  I just got through cataloging our new projects and inventions for this quarter and there are 59 so far. Most of these will have as many as ten spin-offs, some more. Things are looking pretty good. All this has come about by making some basic changes.
   Changes are like losing weight, you can buy all the machines, books and DVDs and never lose a pound. You gotta get up off your butt and start working on it and put this stuff to work. We have opened a gold mine of opportunity by just that. Other changes we have made have increased our growth exponentially. We are starting five new companies and two on the design board. I am chumming (a process of throwing bloody chopped up fishies into a shark tank) Franklin Darwin our design and graphics co-ordinator this week at our meeting in New York City and he is going to go on a feeding frenzy. I can't wait! I have seen Franklin confidently jay walk diagonally across 9th ave. and 54th street when he gets in one of these frenzies. Yelling out my name over the noise of the traffic and the City actually stopped for one second and then resumed. Thus ending my stealth approach UpTown.
   Frank has the bad reputation of making the most Green client successful and then he gets on a feeding frenzy which gets me the Pot Stirrer (a nickname obtained from Tim Huffman at E Delta Com) launched on a surfing trip around the world in eighty days and then I can feed my shark tank.
   By the way, for all of the skeptical media that has challenged Elon Musk, Tesla Motors just released it's first Tesla Model S cars to customers this summer and also his company Space X docked it's space capsule to the ISS. Congratulations. You are our kind of people. I will be ordering mine from the dealership in West Chester, NY. this year.
   Our projects are secret, so we can and will announce their release as they happen. We will be posting job opportunities very soon so stay in touch.
Rich  07/23/2012

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Jean on Monday, January 9, 2012 3:58 PM
Keep up the blogging. :) Things are looking up for 2012. Great website.
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Rich on Thursday, November 1, 2012 11:55 PM
Well the timing of waiting on a reply that earlier I knew would not be understood! Now all around can easily understand that things, even the weather go not without change. Glad you are not a politician Jean but you were being optomistic. We have produced a mine a school and eighty DVD's that will revolutionize the way people start very prosperous businesses. We need more than just an idea in this new day! We need action figures that can dip a dream out of the worst of places and start clean with a red index for the life of the company! Out of this era comes the best of the best! It is harvest time and many will benefit that can work through the darkness and storm and come through in the morning with a marvelous new business or product!
Reply to comment on Friday, September 13, 2013 5:22 AM
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