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The Deluge!

The Journey
We took off on a no holes barred trip and wound up with a gold mine of ideas and inventions. Each one is going to be a time and life changer and protector. We shall step into the future and make it affordable and productive. We have discovered or uncovered some secrets to this malady and bringing things to order. That is why I created the TV Show out of my magazine, "The Creation Brainstorm Magazine©. We will explain how this works and we cannot wait to see what immerses us with wonder!
The Journey though incomplete will leave the world with machines, equipment and devises that are going to surprise the world. Some are just neat and easy to assemble, manufacture and market your item yourself, in the beginning.
Patent on our new type radar system that finds planes and stealth is not going to help. You could build a rocket made of wood and we can spot it. Altitude, type of flying object, longitude,latitude. 

Creation Brainstorming, it works for me. 

Why do we have a deluge of developments and I wonder why other big corporations have not been able to produce the amount of new discoveries that we have. What is it that we have that others do not. What is that key mental or spiritual dynamic that we have that helps us to be so prolific with new developments that are not improvements but are completely brand new. 
You have to get out of the box. I hear or read that people are operating outside of the box but they are really not. What is operating outside of the box. Let us look at what we mean when we say the word box. Do we mean the structured way of process of discovery and or development of ideas. What are the needs around us that we are searching to meet? What is it that we want to discover other than just another version of what is already there. The mensuration of thought occurs when a Creation Brainstorm happens and new creation becomes a reality and totally different discoveries appear with a deluge of change. More than you can handle for new discoveries and that is what you search for.   

Mining made easy!
Well the deluge has come again and as it rains it poors. God has poored a great piece of equipment that was just designed that will increase our output by incredible amounts. Colaboration is very important to discovery and it takes concerned engineers who have integrity and a spiritual mind full of creativity. We just increased our production by an unbelievable amount. Four times what was originally squeezed out of all we could configure. We hope to put our equipment into production to share with the world this year. Awesome what you can do when you work together and are hungry. Non-hungry people will come up with a million reasons why you cannot and a spiritual thinker will see the impossible, adding to it's challenge energy that overcomes. Totally new equipment. Top secret now, but secret of how, is revealed here.
This is where we lived for two years. I miss it greatly.  
It takes carrying your dream to the desert and across it's hot sands of trial by fire! Sometimes gold will come forth out of your endeavor with careful planning one is confident of the outcome. Without careful planning you will see your dream vanish as a vapor! Ours has endured the desert heat to become a hidden treasure with an eternal flow! God's mercy!
   Some days I have a deluge of ideas and I cannot write them fast enough. It feels good and very rewarding. Other times I cannot seem to get in the groove no matter what I do. Times like that are times to do something of action toward an end or things even around your business or home. Times like that are almost a natural occurrence of regeneration and restoration of soul. My restoration of soul comes from getting out into nature or the wilderness where the Lord restores my soul.
   Business and work draw from the reservoir of your soul and you can easily become dry or shallow. Rather than forcing a bad decision or incorrect resolutions it is time to shut down and recharge. Drugs, coffee or Red Bull will only make matters worse at a time like this. All will come back and will be there guaranteed after you have recharged or followed steps in the other two posts I have made in "Business and Invention."
   Enjoy! April 14 2013.
   The Deluge continues as we connect with yet another major network and talks started today.
Imagine a hill of ants connecting with 5 other hills. Putting hundreds of years of knowledge and experience together. Like the focus of a millinia of particle beams defining a point of explosive reference.
   Tomorrow we start on the drafting of the boat project. Taping of this will begin simultaneously.
   Our DVDs are being rearranged on the site for a better understanding of what they are. More are soon to be added.
   We are posting on our  site the first shows this week in the Creation Magazine Section and the section named Light! Our post dates were deferred because of our consulting and work on a major contract and multi-billion dollar project which has been completed successfully giving us much more power and ability to successfully help all of you! We are also posting the all new course on Invention! Next will be some equally great series! Stay tuned! Sorry for the delay but you are gonna see it is gonna be great and wild beyond what you expected! The phone has been ringing off the hook and email boxes are being filled and we are excited that so many are ready to bring about the changes in their own personal lives and careers that will make you, not us, very prosperous and it will be yours to keep and do even more! Our clients are experiencing major, major success! Have a blessed and prosperous day!
  Last night I caught the launch of Space X newest capsule to the space station of which did not make the evening news! No media coverage! Well it was spectacular! This is a private company not the government run NASA who has been put on the back burner! NASA was paid by Elon Musk to launch a rocket on property and a facility paid for by tax payers! June 2012
  Most of us who are doing things of great forward movement are doing them in obscurity! Not because we are hiding but because the media does not want us to know there is anything good at all going on anywhere! They have dropped the ball! I know I was a field engineer for CNN! My first shows are being readied to upload today and tomorrow! Hope you will catch some good news for a change and we will be giving you some very positive things beginning to happen as we start our Micro-Manufacturing series! Many more things that the titles are contained in the web-site on the page TV Shows! This is exciting this is TCBS! June 2012
  We are gearing up for our disaster prevention and recovery series. Also our project concepts are on the design table as we speak to be released in a series of shows to be aired world wide starting this summer. My experience as a search and rescue crewman in the Vietnam era created an ability to see solutions for disaster prevention. Thousands and millions of dollars will be saved and reinvested into the fledgling economy world wide. Special recovery vehicles are also on the drawing board and my experience with the medical as well as the machinery it takes to effectively thwart these destructive forces. It is similar to dealing with a country who has developed weapons of mass destruction. The preventative method is far more important than the recovery from such an onslaught. We are developing equipment of mass protection! Impossible does not exist in our vocabulary! It is and will be done! The web-site is going to take on a different appearance as we are changing shape to take on new challenges. The economy worldwide! Are you tired of hearing a bunch of talk and no results or action. We don't have a problem with race nor do we blame others for our mistakes or past experiences. My team is on the move to overcome problems right in our face that will swing the economies around the world to a functioning and burgeoning community to live! We already have 15 patents of original and not improved equipment. We have 25 to be released later this year which will employ hundreds of people with a growing income and ownership campaign. We are in preparation for negotiations with major securities or insurance holding companies to save them billions and enable billions of investment dollars to be released. This month we are posting job openings for some of the hottest ground breaking positions released in a long time. 
  Thank you Walter Isaacson for your well researched biography of Benjamin Franklin. Walter was chairman of CNN my old Alma Mater of being introduced to big news media business. Also the book Citizen Turner, will set fire to your pants if you want to grow something as large as Turners media giant. Don't judge the man, judge his results! Got to get back to work! This is forward motion, this is TCBS!   June 2012
   We are now in negotiations with New York State to help us push forward with our bigger projects. We are looking to hire veterans this year as well! Proceeds from our other projects are soon to come which will help further our ability to inspire you! July 2012  

18 Comments to The Deluge!:

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Jean on Tuesday, September 18, 2012 11:41 AM
Thanks for your fresh outlook on things. In today's world there are many risk trigger points that could tip things dramtically in ways that would be difficult to recover from. We need to try new things and believe in something greater than ourselves.....
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Rich on Thursday, November 1, 2012 11:45 PM
Triggers such as a 50 billion dollar combination payout through the Federal Government and the insurance companies which are the backers of everything from corporations to banks. Why do you think the government wants to control insurance, which would come from high tax healthcare. Don't fool yourselves into thinking all is okay. The people are not rallying because they are sitting around on both sides blaiming and waiting on the government when it is us that is the government. The more we do for each other the more we do for ourselves because your neighbor directly affects your realm of worldview. God smiles on such and will reward a country that partakes in such activities. You wanna take your country back; do what the overweight and unyielding government can't do without you! This the voice of a Native American. Self motivation and activity empower you!

Jean on Tuesday, February 5, 2013 2:26 PM
Response to October 26th comment: The overweight government needs people that will humble themselves and pray first and foremost. Being "humble" is the key thing.

Richard R. Langley on Friday, October 26, 2012 12:42 AM
A deluge of thoughts and ideas are coming to the surface in the near future. Some will revolutionize the way we do things. We already have a duluge ourselves and the proof is in the pudding. Pudding is the stuff of all God has made. We don't know the half of it, new ideas are emerging that will reveal majorly overlooked services and consumer products that will be in more harmony with the earth and practical. Nothing wrong with that, aye?
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Richard Langley on Saturday, February 2, 2013 1:48 AM
We are American Commerce Ninja force of change and building the new Millinium on the foundation of what was penned by our forefathers. Surviving the hunger games and the red dawn of warning. God's laws and revelation are bringing a creative force such as the explosion of a NOVA. We are scheduling meetings with the planning boards of New York City!
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homepage on Thursday, June 27, 2013 3:54 AM
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