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Radar Patent Received
Company Update End of 2017
New and Important Announcements
Company News Release, 2017.


Company News Release!
News and Important Annoucements


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New and Important Announcements

New Location and Web-Site
Announcing our new Web-Site for our PRODUCTION DIVISION of TCBS! The URL is, This site will still be available and we are building a much betterBLOGas well to make it more responsive and interactive! We have also started two other Divisions of TCBS:EngineeringandR&Dwhere our audience of followers will be allowed to submit or add to our existing projects and if accepted under contract, will be rewarded with scholarships and also monetarily based on a percentage of its sales and what the submission did for that project!


 From the desk of the editor. I have chosen 10 cities worldwide that I believe are hot spots for the next wave of advancement into things and industries that do not yet exist.
 I have looked at firstDenmark, a country that is known for their ability in machines and instrumentation. There is a high level of output per capita, which reflects their ability in very efficient labor but also efficient machines and instrumentation. This would be a country in which our micro-manufacturing would flourish.


The main thing of getting started is that you have a road map to your destination

Once someone blazes a trail, just follow the path. Back to indoor research, yuk! You guys reading this are blessed cuz the hard work is done! Just follow the lead and your on a proven route.
Unlike shark tank that only invests money too help make these proven businesses a jump and reduce their income because better choices will make you debt free and you will grow like a fruit tree. As many in my path have proven for me the best ways to start and run a successful business and lifestyle, I will be imparting to you what they have taught me with a jump start to success and survival once you get there!
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