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Radar Patent Received
Company Update End of 2017
New and Important Announcements
Company News Release, 2017.


Company News Release!
News and Important Annoucements


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Company News Release!

Company Update End of 2017

This year has been a foundational struggle...
Fast Drive
Fast Drive
The official launching of shows and all of the projects and patent received for the radar! I am on the road finishing narrative pieces for the shows!
Kentucky Wounded Heroes
Gator hunt at the glades... According to my friend from here with them we were to wade at night into the marsh with flashlights and wading boots! LOL! I was not to be looked at square in the eyes and a whole bunch of other crap! So the comedy review gator hunt is in post and will be posted here when done. Copies can be purchased here and 90% of the proceeds go to helping these great guys out! This includes Police and Fireman as well as soldiers who have been wounded in the line of duty! Be ready for some laughs and almost tears as you hear these young men speak.
Kentucky Wounded Heroes

New and Important Announcements

New Location and Web-Site
Announcing our new Web-Site for our PRODUCTION DIVISION of TCBS! The URL is, This site will still be available and we are building a much betterBLOGas well to make it more responsive and interactive! We have also started two other Divisions of TCBS:EngineeringandR&Dwhere our audience of followers will be allowed to submit or add to our existing projects and if accepted under contract, will be rewarded with scholarships and also monetarily based on a percentage of its sales and what the submission did for that project!

Company News Release, 2017.

We are moving forward with the radar , which is going great! ! 

Great and unexpected additionss to the radar have popped up as they often do when you are developing the raw first run invention process. The one that will literally change communications as we know had to happen! We have been using old school technology just large scale integration, which is happening throughout the world right now! Next is the more infant use of brand new technologies, nature mirrors and fields that have stared us in the face and because of our need for easy hundreds have been overlooked!


Our passion has brought about a tremendous change in the marketplace:
In the pursuit of a solution for adapting a dish for a specific purpose we have developed a new type of satellite receiver dish. It will revolutionize the communications industry. Development always brings spinoffs for us. We are excited about this discovery. Totally changing the way signals are received and transmitted up. Making the satellites themselves able to do multitudes more work. 
Using new types of engineering techniques we are unleashing a flood of discoveries!

The Deluge!

The Journey
We took off on a no holes barred trip and wound up with a gold mine of ideas and inventions. Each one is going to be a time and life changer and protector. We shall step into the future and make it affordable and productive. We have discovered or uncovered some secrets to this malady and bringing things to order. That is why I created the TV Show out of my magazine, "The Creation Brainstorm Magazine©. We will explain how this works and we cannot wait to see what immerses us with wonder!


The very breakthrough we needed.....
came through at my buddies pool after food prepared by two culinary artists. Jeff , a solutions man spurted out , "Why did I not think of this earlier." That started a conversation of what we could do to build the most powerful dishes of all. This dish propels our system and completes the total of all probabilities, unsolved. We are now ready to apply for a patent to cover the whole system dish and all. It is such a huge discovery. I was involved in building the infrastructure of Echo Star and I know satellite stations.

Creation Brainstorm up date!

View a15 second word of inspirationinto the secrets of our great success on the page designated asLighton this website! 
Starts on Monday  

Finalization of radar patent to be made a public offer in September. 
The month of September will be a finish line experience as we submit and make public offer to seasoned military contract corporations. The public release of our new dish will overtake and change the marketplace for SatCom around the world. The information that can be carried over such a dish is tremendously increased.
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