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Richard Langley Consultant, Engineer, Executive Producer and Inventor.

Writer and producer of the Creation Brainstorm Magazine. Creator of the Creation Brainstorm Magazine. Writer and creator of the Invention DVD's. 60 plus inventions to his name. Integration Specialist in the broadcast field. Broadcast Engineer, Military, Rework Specialist, Inventor, Consultant, writer.

Thadddeus Navaro Vice Video Production Manager

When you look for men that are talented, brilliant and dedicated you look for a man like Thaddeus Navaro. His natural way to know how to flow with a scene is almost musical to watch. To the task and no matter what the weather, light or scene, Thaddeus will bring it out in the matte it is supposed to reflect and that is the theme of the event. He is invaluable to our team to bring about perfection in every production.

Franklin Darwin, Vice President of Graphic Design Division. 3D, 4D Rendering Specialist.

Pioneer in innovation and Visioneering. My good and faithful friend from the Broncs, New York and 34th ave. office.

Mike Weisbrod Master Machinist, Inventor and Prototyper

Professional Machinist at TEO Pro Cars in Vernon, New Jersey. He builds all parts for the custom short track race cars that TEO Pro Cars manufactures from scratch. He also builds custom parts and develops prototypes for this company and by contract. He has designed and invented high end parts for the motorcycle industry as well. He works with us exclusively as our designer and creator from artwork to finished product. He is a Master Machinist.

Father Richard F. Davidson, Vice President of Engineering.

Father Richard F. Davidson, Vice President of Engineering, is a priest in the order of The Franciscan Servants of God's Grace. He is also a very intelligent engineer, developing and designing audio systems, amplifiers, speakers and pipe organs and their systems. He has been written up in several audio periodicals and held in high honor in many audio societies of which I have attended.

Adam Barnett

Actor, Sports Model, Screenplay Writer and Inventor. Active in Film, Television and Theatre. A list of His films and viewable video clips are available at this link, copy and paste into browser window. Adam will be appearing in Celebrity Ghost Stories, 07/17/2010, at 9pn ET on the Biography Channel.Adam is also an inventor and will be appearing with us in The Creation Brainstorm Magazine. He will Co-Host and be involved in the development of our projects and instruction of the process. He will also be doing a spot interviewing Indie Film Directors, Cinematographers, Editors, Lighting, Sound, Music and Actors to share their experiences doing their craft. Adam is full of energy and passion, a pleasure to work with and very confident in his acting craft. We are very fortunate to have him on our team.

Jeany (Avitar) Ciser, Personal Assistant and Project Manager

Legal directives, human resources and production co-ordination for synergy of special projects. Her experience is derived from a history in banking and working with small business owners.

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