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You can do what you are thinking you can do! No matter how big or impossible! 
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Grow a business from the ground up.
Take your dream or idea to the marketplace debt free...and stay that way!
See your dream materialize right before your very eyes.
 If your cost of living could be reduced to 10 per cent of your income, the future of America and the world would be a bright one! At least with that in mind we can make positive changes at least in our own lives.
TCBS: Launching Institutes of Learning! 
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 Everything is happening so fast! We have carefully designed all aspects of our business and production procedures with a format that will insure, that no matter what the speed of growth in the future, we will maintain our integrity and relationships with our clients!
You cannot design a high speed jet the same way you design a volkswagon! Although they both have a purpose, the jet is designed to fly at mach 2 and the Volkswagen less than one hundred MPH.
 This World needs something new and fresh!
 New patterns we have learned are deleting pitfalls and make for fine well tuned endeavors! Stay tuned and keep checking in. 
These are the most opportune times Worldwide for changes to come in our way of doing things! 
 This time next year you could be more successful than you ever dreamed. These are not multi-level scams. We are not pushing stuff we have to sell you and you have to sell. We are not looking to profit off your items, but are fueling your mind with instructions to enable the skills and abilities you already have! 
 We are a success map company that also gives you the instructions on how to make your dreams and ideas happen! We are innovators and hard working men and women like you. We work everyday to make changes happen!
 We promote creativity, inspiration and motivation. A diet that will give you enduring healthy success and not the fleeting kind that have landed people in debt, bankruptcy and losing everything they have to zero! We teach Economic Survival. From Survival to Success! 
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Richard R. Langley
Executive Producer/Engineer
News! Sir Richard Branson owner of Virgin Galactic with New Mexico Governor Susana Martinez dedicate the Virgin Galactic Gateway to Space, Space Center! The first commercially owned spaceport! Over 300 people have already given their deposit to take the ride into outer space. He states, "safety first," so they are taking it slow! Click on the photo to go to their web-site! 


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Golf Grip Raincoat Final Spot
This is Adam Barnetts advertisement for his Golf Grip Raincoat that we helped light the fire for his creation! You can be here also!



                      The Creation Brainstorm Magazine

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Tesla Motors new Model S
All electric car with a 300 mile range
and a 0-60mph in 5.6 seconds.
Tata Motors first air powered car! Here is the engine below.
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